Republic Resonator Guitars

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  • All guitars include original soft Durafoam case and a setup. The setup includes following steps:
  • Disassemble, cleaning and checking the inside, especially if the cone is sitting plain and clear
  • Polishing, crowning, end dressing and levelling the frets
  • Check and correction of the string spacing at the bridge and saddle, optimizing the intonation.
  • Tuners and truss rod check and setup
  • Set up the string action to meet the players’ demand, to follow the fretboard (picking and slide) or straight (for non-carved slides)
  • Electronics check if available

Videos by Markus Willer





Christian bought his reso here at Checkpoint Guitars and it has been equipped with a lipstick pickup by GuitarLab, our partner for all modification and repairs.

Other Information

Check out Markus Willer’s YouTube channel for more wonderful videos with Republic Resonator Guitars